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Consulting and Training Services are available to our clients via the WEB, as well as face-to-face visits. Our technical engineers will work with your staff to train them or to help them use the product to accomplish company projects. The following is a menu of some of our sessions; however training is open for all of our products and all of your needs…


Overview / 1 Hour

Review of byREQUEST functions and capabilities. At the end of the session users will be able to work with the sample files and do very basic report creation / distributions.

Setup / 1 to 2 Hours

Review of setting up hosts, spoolers, and transports. At the end of this session the users will be able to set up Hosts / Spoolers / and Transports on additional machines.

Creating Templates & Distribution Lists/ 2 Hours

Review the creation of templates using the 5-step process, and saving distribution lists. How these templates can be used and combined will also be covered. At the end of this class the user will be able to create templates and distribution lists, and will have a basic understanding of how to manually edit the templates and distribution lists created.

Publishing / 2 Hours

How to set up and use publishing will be covered. This will include the understanding of how byREQUEST determines the instructions to use during publishing (Auto templates, Spooler Templates, and Publishing Defaults). At the end of this session users will be able to set up publishing on spooler and understand how specific instructions can be passed to byREQUEST to process the files.

General Settings / 1 Hour

Review of some of the settings in byREQUEST that can be used to customize the installation and setup. After taking this lesson, users will be able to customize settings for page setup, format setup, default file locations, and transport setup details.


Training & Setup Services / 2 Hours

Training and setup service to use transFORM to eliminate the need of using pre-printed forms. This allows the user to keep the documents electronic for electronic filing and/or searching.


General Settings and Monitoring / 2 Hours

Items covered in this course include the basic setup of alarms objects and contacts. After completing this session, the user should be able to setup monitored objects and have them alert specific people or perform specific actions.

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Web (Live) Training
$1,200.00 per day (6 hours) or $700.00 per 1/2 day

Face-to-face Training

$1,800.00 per day, plus travel expenses